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5 Hair Tips for Brides To Be

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The biggest, most important day of your life is approaching. Not only are you marrying the love of your life, but your wedding is truly a day when you can feel special. To make that day perfect, there are many important factors that you must prepare for but one that is often overlooked is your hair. Le Court Salons wants to share some tips with you to ensure that your hair is as perfect on your big day as everything else!

Decide on a hairstyle

Do you want a bun, curls or a short wave? Are you thinking of including hair accessories like bedazzled pins, adorned headpieces or floral crowns? Before you make a decision on choosing the right hairdo, take a moment to consider how you can compliment your hair with your bridal look. Your hair should match your wedding gown, makeup, and nails. Use Pinterest to create a mood board so you can visualize and plan for the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

The season, weather or location can affect your hair in undesirable ways. If your wedding happens to be on a day when it’s humid out, your hairstyle may react with unwanted frizzing! To avoid such disasters like frizzy hair, ask your hair designer to recommend you with the right shampoo and conditioner.

Plan Ahead of Time with Your Stylist

Going for a regular touch up or a new haircut may be something your stylist is ready for but getting a full glam look for your wedding requires a lot more preparation and planning. Talk to your hair designer about some ideas, ask questions and plan your wedding hairstyle together with your stylist. Being prepared is both helpful to you and your hair stylist!

Don’t Procrastinate and Maintain Your Beauty and Haircare Routine

It’s never a good idea to get your hair done right before your wedding. There are so many things that could potentially go wrong. Plan ahead and keep your hair healthy leading up to your big day. Stick with the golden hair care rules of getting regular trims and using gentle shampoos and deep conditioners. A good diet and proper sleeping habits will also help maintain and protect your hair.

Have The Time Of Your Life

Overall and maybe most importantly, soak it all in and have fun! This is your wedding and it’s truly the day for you to feel happy and beautiful. Enjoy pre-wedding activities like doing your hair because it’s not every day that you can experience something as special and memorable as your own wedding. It’s the greatest day of your life and that’s something that should never be forgotten.

How would you like your hair done for your wedding?

Le Court Salons in the Greater Milwaukee Area has hair stylists who have made many soon-to-be brides happy in preparation of their big day along with many other services such as nails, waxing, facials and more!

Go to today, find your nearest location and contact one of our hair stylists to set up an appointment now!

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